April 24, 2019

Afghan pilot kills nine US military personnel

Who is your friend? and who is your enemy? When it is impossible to tell, how can NATO prevail?

An experienced Afghan airforce pilot has opened fire during a meeting in a hangar at Kabul Airport and killed eight US military instructors and a US military contractor.

The gunman, Ahmad Gul, 48, had served in the Afghan military for 20 years according to Defence Ministry spokesman General Mohammad Zahir Azimi. Gul was killed in an exchange of fire following the shootings.

It is reported that Gul was distressed over his personal finances and ‘snapped’ after an srgument on Wednesday.

This is the seventh instance this year of a member of the Afghan Security forces (or an insurgent impersonating them) attacking foreign troops from ISAF. With nine deaths this is the deadliest such attack so far in the Afghan conflict.

The Americans killed were trainers and advisers for the Afghan air force.

There are indications that ordinary Afghans are becoming increasingly resentful of foreign troops occupying their country.

In ten years of conflict and despite billions spent in aid and ‘reconstruction’, most Afghans are no better off then they were under the Taleban.

Despite the Taleban trying to take credit for the attack we will acknowledge it for what it was. A terrible tragedy for everyone.

We will leave the last word to Ahmad Gul’s brother, Dr. Mohammad Hassan Sahibi who said “He [Gul] was under economic pressures and recently he sold his house. He was not in a normal frame of mind because of these pressures. He was going through a very difficult period of time in his life. He served his country for years. He loved his people and his country. He had no link with Taleban or al-Qaida.”

That may be so but it is cold comfort for the family and friends of those he killed.