April 20, 2019

Air France tail section find raises black box hopes

Fingers crossed the searchers can locate the black boxes and find out what happened to flight 447.

The tail section of the Air France plane that crashed over the Atlantic in June 2009 has been found on the ocean floor raising hopes of finding the ‘black box’ flight recorders.

The unexplained crash killed al 228 people onboard the Paris bound flight. At the time the Airbus 330 plane had encountered a high altitude thunder storm.

Last week sections of wreckage were found including engines and a large section of the fuselage which still contained bodies.

Nelson Marinho of the Brazilian victims’ family association said French Accident Investigation Bureau (BEA) officials had told them during a meeting in Paris on Monday that the “tail section had been found and that it was relatively intact so the black boxes are possibly still attached to it”.

“They made it clear that they could not guarantee that the content of the black boxes would be able to be retrieved”

Concerns have been raised too about the condition of the flight recorders after two years in the ocean under immense pressure at a depth of around 4km.

The French transport ministry has announced that the ship Ile de Sein, which is equipped with a remotely-operated submarine, will leave Cape Verde on 21st April to begin retrieving parts of the wreckage.