February 23, 2019

Asylum seekers dumped on wrong island by smugglers

Not exactly a cruise liner but Afghan asylum seekers pay big money to sail on hunks of junk like this.

People smugglers have conned 128 Afghan asylum seekers by taking their money then dropping them off at a tiny Indonesian island instead of Australia as promised.

This is the fourth time that asylum seekers have been dropped off on Indonesia’s N’Dao island instead of Ashmore Reef which is about 50 kilometres away in Australian territorial waters.

The smugglers were long gone by the time the asylum seekers realised they were not in Australia. Indonesian police have taken the 128 Afghan men by boat to Rote Island. They will be transferred to Kupang in West Timor.

In October 2009 Indonesian police rounded up 22 Afghan asylum seekers who were hiding on the island after being left there by smugglers. The men were furious after giving their life savings to the smugglers.

One of the main reasons that people smugglers do not venture into Australian waters with their cargo is that Smugglers and Indonesian crew on asylum seeker boats face mandatory jail sentences of up to 20 years if they are caught in Australian territorial waters.

Even Indonesian crewmen who were themselves duped by ruthless criminal networks organising the boats are being sentenced to a minium five years jail in Australia.

Newswarped thinks that anyone taking advantage of people and ripping them off is Grade A scum. Sure the asylum seekers are breaking the law by illegally trying to enter Australia, but without the people smugglers they would not be able to get as far as they do.