May 19, 2019

Australia to open ports to China’s navy

If nothing else the sight of Chinese warships tied up in Australian ports will piss off the 'yellow peril' redknecks.

Chinese warships will be visiting Australian ports before the end of this year after talks betwen Prime Minister Julia Gillard and Chinese President Hu Jintao.

The agreement came from Julia Gillard’s inaugural visit to Beijing as prime minister and has helped to diffuse two years of tension between the Australia and China especially in military matters.

In 2009 the Australian Defence Force released a paper that said China posed a military threat to Australia. The Chinese government were highly offended at being categorised as a threat.

Ms Gillard and Mr Hu have brushed aside the rhetoric and animosity and decided to “build greater military co-operation” including livefire exercises at sea and Chinese warships docking in Australia.

“[We] indicated a preparedness to keep discussing defence co-operation,” Ms Gillard told the Sydney Morning Herald in an interview following the meeting.

“We have indicated we are open to ships visiting Australian ports [and] there’s some prospect that there will be some visiting before the end of the year.”

Newswarped thinks that the best way to break down misunderstandings and prejudices is to spend time with someone. If the Chinese and Australian navies can learn to understand each other better through joint exercises then they might be able to teach the politicians a thing or two.

That is enough serious talk for Ms Gillard. She is now off to London to attend the Royal Wedding. How lovely for her.