August 22, 2019

Bank staff blamed for termites eating banknotes in vault

Mmmm tasty Rupees. Enough to satisfy the termite in all of us.

Staff at a branch of the State Bank of India in Uttar Pradesh are being blamed for “laxity” in allowing termites to eat through 10 million rupees worth of banknotes in the banks vault.

The State Bank of India says an enquiry into the latest incident has been held. newswarped is unsure if any of the termites were called as witnesses.

“The branch management has been found guilty of laxity due to which the notes were damaged by termites in the Fatehpur branch of Barabanki district,” State Bank of India Chief General Manager Abhay Singh told the Press Trust of India.

“At it was the bank’s fault, it will bear the loss caused due to termites… there will be no loss to the public.”

“It was earlier brought to the notice of the management that termites were damaging files and furniture. Efforts are on to relocate the bank at some other place,” Ms Singh said.

The State Bank of India has now reminded staff to be on the lookout for termites holding the staff at the Fatehpur up as a cautionary tale. “Action will be taken against those responsible in the matter”.

That sounds ominous. Will they be thrown into a pit full of writhing termites?

This is not the first instance of termites feasting on money. In 2008 termites in Bihar state ate a trader’s savings stored at his local bank.

The little critters ate through the cash which was stored in a safe deposit box.

The bank claimed it was not responsible because it had put up a notice warning customers of the termites.

In America and other western countries we have termites in the banks too. This sub-species of termite is known locally as ‘bank fees’. They have a knack of finding our money and chewing through it no matter where we store it. Unlike India, the western banks do not put up signs warning us of the ‘bank fee’ termites.