January 16, 2019

Body seen in Pike River coal mine

29 of the best reasons anyone may need to retrieve the bodies from the mine.

Video footage has shown a fully clothed body lying face down inside the Pike River coal mine. It also shows a firefighting box had been opened, confirming speculation that some of the 29 miners may have survived the initial blast on 19th November 2010.

NZ Police announced today that senior forensic pathologist, Dr Martin Sage had confirmed a video image taken in February looked like a fully-clothed person lying face down in the mine. He also confirmed a firefighting box had been opened.

Greymouth mayor Tony Kokshoorn – reflecting the frustration of a grieving community – said “it was time for them to get down there and stop sitting up here looking down a hole”.

Assistant Commissioner Grant Nicholls said he had briefed the victims’ families on the latest information at their regular weekly meeting in Greymouth last night.

The video was taken near a borehole drilled into the mine shaft from above.

Mayor Kokshoorn said Pike River’s receivers needed to get into the mine and recover the mens’ bodies or pass the responsibility on to an organisation that could.

“It is really bringing it home to us now that there are miners down there and family members want their loved ones out of that pit,” he said.

“It’s been five months now and it’s time for the receivers to get down that hole – either they get in and recover those bodies or they need to get out.”