April 19, 2019

Brazil airports will “not be ready” for 2014 World Cup

Rio airport. It looks fantastic from the air but apparently on the ground things are not so flash.

Most of Brazil’s airports being upgraded for the Football World Cup in 2014 will not be ready in time according to a new progress report.

There are 13 terminals being upgraded. 10 of them are unlikely to be completed by June 2014, says the government-backed Institute for Applied Economic Research (IPEA).

Brazil is expecting up to 1 million visitors during the tournament. The IPEA says that even if extra investment is put into the airport projects and they were finished on time, it still may not be enough. 14 of the countrys 20 major airports would still be operating over capacity.

Brazil’s government promised to complete major infrastructure work including the airports as part of its bid to host the FIFA World Cup. It is also hosting the Summer Olympics in 2016.

IPEA puts much of the blame on Infraero, the state-owned airport authority, which it says, “has a low level of efficiency in the execution of investment programmes”. That is polite language for saying the only thing they do well is line up for their pay packets.

Newswarped is hoping they don’t have “low levels” of efficiency when it comes to safety systems and procedures.

Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff has said that her government will make “a strong intervention” to ensure that the airports are ready, including opening them up to private investment.

There you go, her majesty has spoken. It will be all right after all. The airport construction workers are going to be moving to a faster samba beat from now on.