May 22, 2019

China inflation rate soars to 5.4%

If things get too over inflated in China there will be a big bang that will wipe the smile off the governments happy faces.

Inflation in China accelerated in March to reach its hghest level since 2008, despite the governments efforts to cool rising prices.

The China National Bureau of Statistics says consumer prices rose by 5.4% in March compared with a year earlier. The Feruary figure was 4.9%.

The high growth rate that is fuelling the inflation so no sign of abating.

Between January and March 2011, China’s economy grew 9.7% which was above expectations and only a fraction below the previous quarter.

The Chinese government has been fighting hard to slow inflation but at the moment it is a losing battle. There have been four interest rate rises since October 2010, to little effect.