August 23, 2019

China buying bulk baby milk from NZ Supermarkets

Baby Milk Formula - powdered gold for kiwi supermarkets and Chinese middlemen.

Some Supermarkets in Auckland, New Zealand are selling baby milk formula to Chinese exporters thousands of cans at a time.

The demand from China is meaning that local shoppers are having the baby milk products rations due to short supply.

This bulk trade has been previously unknown to NZ export authorities who have now launched an investigation.

The New Zealand Herald newspaper reports that it has uncovered evidence of one transaction from a Pak’n Save supermarket to China worth $170,000.

The purchase was made by an exporter who operates on a Chinese website similar to online trading site Trade Me and consisted of a single transaction for 5346 cans of Karicare baby formula and 2220 packets of Anchor milk powder.

When told of the transaction, Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry manager for food imports and exports Bill Jolly said that it “puts a different context” on the trade of New Zealand baby formula to China and that investigators would probe the issue.

There has been a premium in China for New Zealand-manufactured dairy products since the deaths of Chinese children who drank milk tainted with the industrial chemical melamine.

New Zealand supermarkets were forced to ration baby formula to customers to stop exporters from clearing the shelves and selling to China.

Ordinary Pak’n Save shoppers are limited to as little as three cans of formula at a time due to supply shortages. In the past two weeks, New Zealand mothers have taken to Chinese-language community website SkyKiwi in search of formula.

A manager at an East Auckland supermarket, who refuses to sell in bulk, said stocks of baby formula for ordinary shoppers had been severely squeezed.

“We order maybe 100 cartons for our normal, regular customers and we’re only getting supplied 10 cartons, 20 cartons,” the manager said. “There’s a huge shortage at the moment because there are so many people selling hundreds of cartons to people who ship it overseas. It just puts a strain on the New Zealand market.”

The Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry’s director of compliance and enforcement, Geoff Allen, said only certified exporters were allowed to sell in large amounts.

Newswarped is wondering if there is anything out there the Chinese are not keen on buying. Raw materials, consumer products, you name it they want it. Fair enough, if we have the goods and they have the money. Just leave enough for the locals please.


  1. the chinese ripoff people of thousands of dollars fuck the chinese

  2. regarding karicare milk powder i know and have known for a long time that karicare and other milk powders have been sent to china in large quantities by private and unlicenced people i tried to sell milk powder to china but was blocked by the big players fontera and others but when i questioned them they told me they could only suply our own market nz but i also know that nutricia karicare are sending 50 tonn of infant milk powder a week to china this is why we pay so much for our dairy products and itwill only get worse untill it is governed