March 21, 2019

Czech Presidents pen heist video

I know the cameras are on me but my cunning slight of hand will be too hard for them to pick up.

Video footage of the Czech president Vaclav Klaus pocketing a pen at a news conference has been a hit on Czech TV and now the internet.

President Klaus was filmed taking the ceremonial pen during a news conference as part of a state visit to Chile. Alongside him is Chile’s President Sebastian Pinera.

Czech TV broadcast could not help themselves and showed the video with red circles and arrows highlighting progress of the pen towards the Presidents pocket. The video has now been posted online with a ‘crime scene’ soundtrack.

A spokesman for Klaus said the pen was “a common pen with a logo of the state or office, which presidents and members of their delegation receive during state visits”.

Yes got that. We totally understand that he was entitled to the pen, it is just the way he is acting like a kid stealing a cookie that is the funny part.

It was almost likea Gollum moment when he cast his eye upon the pen “my precious”.