July 17, 2019

Doctor enrolls dead patients for govt cash

Honest, I could have sworn they had a pulse when I treated them the first time.

A doctor in Hamilton, New Zealand received $350,000 of government money by enrolling 45 patients at his practice without their knowledge. Four of these patients were already dead.

But wait theres more. Dr Suresh Kumar Vatsyayann also let his unqualified wife perform cervical smear tests, give contraceptive injections and vaccinate children, according to the Health Practitioners Disciplinary Tribunal.

Dr Vatsyayann, known as the “free GP” because he treated patients without charge, declined to comment last night.

He was found guilty yesterday of professional misconduct by the disciplinary tribunal, which has the power to strike him off the register of doctors.

Dr Vatsyayann is a former Waikato District Health Board member ran for the Hamilton mayoralty and has been an outspoken critic of the public health system, even at one stage going on a hunger strike to protest.

He was suspended as a District Health Board member when he wrote an email referring to the board as “racist, vindictive, suppressing, spiteful and oppressive”.

The Ministry of Health started investigating the practice after eight patients alleged they had been enrolled at the clinic without their consent.

Ministry investigators found 45 patients who did not know they were registered at the clinic. Four people had been added after they died.

In its ruling, the tribunal said Dr Vatsyayann used the names of people who been for a one-off appointment at the clinic, patients’ family members and people who had never been to the clinic.

Dr Vatsyayann denied the allegations and said the false enrolments were made because of computer issues and through human error.

The Professional Conduct Committee and Dr Vatsyayann have two weeks to make submissions to the tribunal on the penalty to be imposed.

Newswarped thinks that Dr Vatsyayann is going for the high jump on this one. If someone critisises the ‘establishment’ then is found to have acted fraudulently then they are going to have the book thrown at them. Regardless of Dr Vatsyayann’s good intentions there is no excuse for ripping off the tax payer and causing distress to patients.


  1. Oh and the total amount received by the CLINIC was $156.04 for the 4 deceased people. find the proofs here http://sureshvatsyayann.weebly.com/reality-check-for-the-public.html

  2. Indeed Griff. newsWARPED is the place for you to write. keep your eyes open for the decision on the high court. Everything the public has been fed by the media will be undone. Including your small scale nonsense. Cheers!