September 23, 2019

Drug Lord on America’s ‘most wanted’ list captured

He might look like a harmless old man, but the truth is something a lot more sinister.

Guatemalan authorities have arrested a drug lord wanted in both Guatemala and the United States for aiding the transit of cocaine for the Sinaloa Mexican drug cartel.

Guatemala Attorney General Claudia Paz says, Waldemar Lorenzana Lima, 71, was captured Tuesday by Guatemalan National Police in the central town of Jicaro.

He has been transferred to a court building, where he was awaiting a judge for an initial hearing.

The U.S. government was offering a reward of up to $500,000 for information regarding Lorenzana. It is unclear at this stage if the reward is being claimed by anyone.

“This arrest shows that no one is above the law,” said Guatemalan Interior Minister Carlos Menocal.

Lorenzana and his three sons were labelled by the US Treasury Department as “Specially Designated Narcotics Traffickers” last year. This meant that any US assets they had were frozen and anyone wanting to do financial transactions with them would be blocked.

It is alleged the Lorenzanas played a key role in moving cocaine between Colombia and Mexico, and on to the United States.

Lorenzana used Guatemala as a trans-shipment point for the drugs from Colombia, and he would then transfer them to Mexico’s Sinaloa cartel, which would take them north to the US.

Newswarped has no time for anyone who thinks that just being a link in the drug supply chain exonerates them in any way from the misery that illegal narcotics cause.