March 26, 2019

Five NATO soldiers killed in Afghan attack

The Coalition forces in Afghanistan are heavily armed and well trained, but they are trying to win a war where no one has won since Alexander the Great.

Five foreign soldiers have been killed in an attack in eastern Afghanistan, the International Security Assistance Force (Isaf) has said. At this stage the nationality of the soldiers has not been released. However the area is mainly garrisoned by United States forces.

The death toll would be the highest among the coalition in several months.

The Afghan Defence Ministry are saying that five foreign troops died in an attack on an Afghan army base in Laghman Province in the country’s east. Four Afghan soldiers were also killed.

The Taliban have claimed responsibility for the attack that a defence Ministry spokesman, General Mohammad Zahir Azimi said happened when a a man on foot detonated his vest packed with explosives at about 7.30am local time at the entrance to the base west of Jalalabad, which is shared by Afghan and coalition forces.

Baz Mohammad Sherzad, the director for health in nearby Nangarhar province, said the bodies of four Afghan soldiers were brought to a hospital in Jalalabad.

Taliban spokesman Zabiullah Mojahed claimed that 12 foreign soldiers and four Afghan military service members died in the attack.

Newswarped thinks it is time to hold another suicide bombers convention in Afghanistan, where they can all have a blast together and not harm anyone else.

More to follow.