May 22, 2019

Hamas and Fatah agree Palestinian reconciliation deal

Is a bright new day about to dawn for Palestine? Or will the bad side of human nature scuttle it again.

Egypt has brokered an agreement between Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas’s Fatah Party and Hamas, to bury their differences and form an interim unity government.

The deal will once again unite the Fatah controlled West Bank, and the Hamas controlled Gaza Strip. A date will be fixed for elections.

The two factions have been bitter rivals for four years, following a Hamas election victory in the Palestinian Territory elections in 2006.

Fatah were not willing to accept the result, and Hamas subsequently seized the Gaza Strip by force in 2007.

Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been quick to state that the “Palestinian Authority could not have peace with both Hamas and Israel.”

He said “I hope the Palestinian Authority will make the right choice – peace with Israel.”

Hamas has never acknowledged Israel’s right to exist, and has carried out bombings and rocket attacks for many years. Fatah on the other hand has recognised Israel and lead a largely peaceful co-existence with her.

Newswarped thinks something has got to give here for it to work. A newly united Palestinian territory could pave the way to an internationally recognised sovereign state.

But for that to happen either Fatah have to become more radical or Hamas have to give up their armed struggle and failure to recognise Israel.

The best option for the Israel and the world is if Hamas moderate their stance towards Israel and remove one of the last major obstacles to the formation of a Palestinian state.

Israel too is going to have to adopt a softer stance to the Palestinians especially over their borders and Israeli settlements on Palestinian land.

Any peace deal in the Middle East is a complex one. So many times hopes are raised only to be dashed.

Newsarped thinks any deal that is going to promote peace and freedom in everyday life for ordinary citizens, especially in that part of the world is a good thing.