July 19, 2019

Harper says conservatives will get tough on child sex offenders

You can trust me to get tough on law and order, not raise taxes and slag off the opposition. It must be election time.

Conservative leader Stephen Harper says his party will impose consecutive jail terms for child sex offenders and those involved in child pornography.

“Our government has made standing up for victims of crime a priority,” Harper said in Vancouver on Saturday.

Just to carry on the soft target ‘law and order’ message that is the favourite of tory regimes the world over. Harper added that, if elected, his government would double the victim surcharge and expand drug tests in federal prisons.

“In too many cases, courts are routinely failing to impose the fine they are supposed to levy against criminals — a fine that is intended to help support victims of crime.”

Harper said that both the Liberals and New Democratic Party promises would involve tax hikes for Canadians.

He was confident the Conservatives could meet their budget promises “without raising taxes.” If politicians say something often enough people will start believing it. Trouble is that if too much is made of it and the Conservatives don’t deliver they will get roasted like George Bush and his “read my lips” campaign about no new taxes that came back to haunt him.

Stephen is obviously not deterred though having a crack at his opponents “Mr. Layton and Mr. Ignatieff savagely opposed us lowering the federal sales tax from seven to six, to five per cent,” said Harper. “Be under no illusion, they will raise it back up, should they get the chance. The economy is what we need Parliament to focus on, not having election after election just because they didn’t like the results of the last one.”

Newsarped wishes the Canadian people patience and perseverence as they endure yet another election campaign. Our thoughts and sympathy are with you.