February 23, 2019

Insurgents attack Egypt gas pipeline severing supplies to Israel

Nobody wins when vital infrastructure like this gas pipeline in Egypt gets blown up.

A major pipeline carrying gas from Egypt to Israel and Jordan has exploded after an attack by armed insurgents in the northern Sinai.

With flames shooting high in the air, the pipeline has had to be shutdown until the fire can be extinguished and repairs made.

The attack happened south of the town of El-Arish, 50 kilometres from the Israeli border.

It is unknown a this stage who the armed group are who carried out the attack. Top of the suspects list are local Bedouin tribesmen who are feeling both neglected and oppressed by the Egyptian government. That is quite something to achieve simultaneously.

The tribesmen have attempted to attack the pipeline before in July 2010. Somebody wired up explosives earlier this month but they did not go off.

There was amore successful attack during the uprising against Hosni Mubarak that severed supplies to Israel and Jordan for a month.

Jordan is the most dependent with 80% of its electricity being generated using Egyptian gas. Israel gets around 40% of its total gas needsfrom Egypt.