March 19, 2019

Liz Hurley files for divorce

It is still hard to fathom the attraction Liz has for Shane. But if that is what she wants then good luck to her.

English actress Elizabeth Hurley has filed for divorce from her estranged husband, wealthy Indian businessman Arun Nayar.

She filed divorce papers at London’s High Court on Friday, citing ”unreasonable behaviour” on the part of her husband.

Newswarped is unsure if Liz has got confused over who is responsible for the “unreasonable behaviour”.

Liz Hurley went public about her separation from Nayar in December after she was photographed by a tabloid newspaper kissing Shane Warne, in a hotel lobby.

While there is much speculation that Hurley might be flying out to Australia to start a new life with Shane Warne, she is giving nothing away.

Newswarped thinks that Shane likes his freedom too much to be a ‘one woman’ man, and Liz likes her freedom too much to be a ‘one man’ woman.

Maybe they are made for each other. She loves Tweeting, he loves texting. Thye have so much in common.

At 45 Liz might be looking to settle down. Having got by so far on her looks, there will be a reducing number of rich men willing to fund her lavish lifestyle, with much younger, cheaper ladies available to chose from. A lot of water has gone under the bridge since ‘that’ safety pin dress.