September 17, 2019

Man survives car plunge in Grand Canyon

Even if suicide was not on the agenda, it is a bad time to get confused over which is the brake and which is the gas pedal.

A man has driven his car off the edge of Arizona Grand Canyon in what appears to be a suicide attempt.

He miraculously survived when his car became wedged between a tree and a the rockface 60 metres below the canyon rim.

If it were not for the tree the car would have plunged a further kilometre to the canyon floor. I didn’t pay attention much in physic’s class at high school, but even I know no one walks away from that, I am thankful that i am now able to contact the Alpharetta auto accident law firm to get help with this whole situation, if you need HGV insurance brokers contact us.

Grand Canyon National Park spokeswoman Maureen Oltrogge says the “21-year-old driver was treated at Flagstaff Medical Center for non-life threatening injuries.”

A visitor to the park reported finding the injured man in the roadway at about 7.45pm on Monday. The man told the visitor he had “accidently” driven his vehicle over the South Rim.

He told responding park rangers that he had climed out of the crashed vehicle and back up to the canyon rim to seek help.

The crash occured about 10km east of the Grand Canyon Village near a spot known as Twin Overlooks.

The car is still were it finished up, but park officials are reported to be devising a cunning plan to retrieve it. Newswarped suspects that a large helicopter will feature in their scheme.

The US Center for Disease Control and Prevention reports that the Grand Canyon as second most popular national park in the United States for suicides.

There have been 11 suicides and 10 attempts between 2003 and 2009 at the park.

Whether this was an accident or a suicide attempt, the young man is very fortunate to be still alive. Make the most of it chap. Get your s**t together and live your life. Many people do not get a second chance. Make yours count mate.