September 23, 2019

Missing ‘Dora the Explorer’ toddler found alive

Good news stories like finding a missing toddler are too few and far between. Well done to all those who helped search.

An 18-month-old girl who was only wearing a ‘Dora the Explorer’ singlet and a nappy has been found safe and well with just a few scratches to show for her overnight ordeal.

The toddler went missing yesterday afternoon from her home in Killawarra on the New South Wales coast in Australia.

Allan Sheldon from the local Volunteer Rescue Association described the terrain as rugged. “It’s hilly, it’s very thick, lots of creeks and dams,” he added.

A police dog squad, specialist divers and helicopters, the NSW State Emergency Service and the NSW Rural Fire Service had been called in to help in the search.

To make matters worse there was 39 millimetres of rain in the past 24 hours in the area.

But despite how it looked, the little girl was found by a local resident in bush close to a road, about 2 kilometres from the girls home at around 10.30am this morning.

Newswarped loves a seemingly tragic story that turns out to be a celebration of survival, especially when it is a young child involved.