June 24, 2019

Mugabe pushing ahead with black takeover of foreign companies

Robert Mugabe shows off his ability to look perpetually angry.

Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe announced on Thursday that he is forging ahead with the takeover of foreign-owned companies.

Zimbabwe’s controversial Indigenization Law, requires foreign firms to cede at least 51 percent of their shareholding to black locals.

The scheme has understandibly got investors in Zimbabwe’s fragile economy worried.

President Mugabe is undeterred though, warning Western countries to “stop interfering” in his country’s affairs.

“We proceed with our indigenization and empowerment policy, and programs must be worked out to ensure that our resources are managed by us, they are controlled and exploited by us, and that they benefit the majority of our people,” Mugabe said in an hour long speech at the burial of the deputy director of the nation’s intelligence organization.

Not sure how the family of the dead deputy director felt about Robert giving an impromptu political speech that had nothing to do with their relative.

It was obvious that Mugabe was speaking ‘off the cuff’ and ignoring his prepared speech.

The indigenization policy is going to start with the mines, former guerrilla leader said the process will go forward, starting with mines.

The policy has been opposed by his coalition partner and political foe, Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai of the Movement for Democratic Change. But Mugabe seems to enjoy ignoring Tsvangirai.

No speech goes by without the 87 year old President taking a swipe at the West, and this was no exception. “We don’t worry ourselves about the goings-on in Europe, about the unnatural things happening there, where they turn man-to-man and woman-to-woman,” said Mugabe.

We are guessing he is feeling a little homophobic today.

He urged his supporters to “unite in opposing and condemning the sanctions” that he blames for the country’s economic freefall.

“We must demonstrate that we are ready to defend our country and sacrifice our lives. The enemy will try by all means to destroy us, but if we are united, we are strong,” he said.

Newswarped thinks that Mugabe has had 30 years to impose his radical agenda. It could have been done a lot more gently but Robert seems to like making bold gestures, and thumbing hos nose at the West.