September 23, 2019

NATO asks for more planes for Libya mission

Wanted about a dozen top notch fighter planes for a training exercise in Libya. All expressions of interest to Anders at NATO please.

Nato Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen has told a foreign ministers’ summit in Berlin that the alliance needs “a few more” aircraft for its mission in Libya.

Mr Rasmussen had no joy getting any pledges of extra warplanes at the meeting but he remained hopeful.

Nato would continue “day by day, strike by strike” to target Colonel Muammar Gaddafi’s forces, he sqaid.

Britain and France are carrying most of the burden for European nations in Libya. They have been trying to persuade other Nato members to do more.

There are divisions within NATO, with Turkey and Germany opposed to the Libya mission. Only a few of Nato’s 28 members – including France, the UK, Canada, Belgium, Norway and Denmark – are conducting air strikes.

In explaining why the extra aircraft were needed, Mr Rasmussen said “Now they [pro-Gaddafi forces] hide their heavy arms in populated areas where before many targets were easy to get to”.

“To avoid civilian casualties we need very sophisticated equipment so we need a few more precision fighter ground-attack aircraft for air-to-ground missions.”

“I am confident that nations will step up to the plate,” although he added “I don’t have specific pledges or promises from this meeting”.

Thats right Anders, they were all for it when a quick victory was on the cards. Now it is dragging on, newswarped suspects you didn’t experience too much eye contact when you were asking for more aircraft at the Berlin meeting.

At least you were not asking for help in Afghanistan.

NATO currently has about 195 aircraft and 18 ships under its control in its mission to enforce the United Nations mandated no-fly zone to protect civilians.