March 19, 2019

Part of Air France crash flight recorder found

Well done to the searchers who are operating equipment at depths seldom gone to before. Hopefully for once the ocean will surrender its secrets.

Search teams at the 2009 Air France crash site of the coast of Brazil have discovered part of the flight recorder casing after weeks of searching.

The ‘black box’ flight data recorder itself is still unaccounted for but searchers are confident it will be found.

Air crash investigators admit that without the information the data recorder contains, they may never know for sure the true cause of the crash.

The recorder section was recovered on the first dive into the mission to retrieve bodies that were discovered two weeks ago.

France’s Bureau of Investigation and Analysis said in a statement,
“During the first dive by the Remora 6000 which lasted more than 12 hours, the chassis of the flight data recorder was found, without the module protecting and containing the data.”

They said a second dive was under way.