May 19, 2019

Pattinson says Twilight end like “splitting with lover”

Am I going to be stuck as a vampire forever? Do you think I can do other movie genre or will I just suck?

Robert Pattinson the brooding star of the Twilight Saga movies says he feels like he has “split from a lover” now that shooting has ended on the two Breaking Dawn films.

The cast and crew finished finished filming the final scenes last Thursday on location in Squamish, British Columbia, in Canada.

The 24 year old actor says it’s not easy walking away from his vampire character Edward Cullen after so many years of playing him. “It does feel like a break-up. I do love the guy – and I’m going to miss him. I prefer to think of ending this franchise like leaving school. It’s the last day of high school.”

There are no signs of Pattinson breaking up with co-star girlfriend Kristen Stewart though with his admission that “I’d love to have a family. Sometime in the future.”

Pattinson is breaking up with his ‘undead look’ contact lenses though. He said “I’ll be very glad not to put those contacts in anymore or have to put on the sparkling make-up.”

The final installment of the series, Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn has been split into two parts to deal with the complex storyline in author Stephenie Meyer’s final book in the series. Of course it has nothing to do with making **** loads of money out of an extra movie.