August 23, 2019

Pippa Middleton shines on Catherines big day

Pippa ended up being a first class back-up to her big sister on what must have been the proudest day in Ma and Pa Middletons lives to date.

It might have been all about Catherine Middleton and Prince William, but at the royal wedding another star was born in her own right. Pippa Middleton, the 27 year-old younger sister of Catherine Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, shone brightly as the matron of honour in support of her sister.

There had already been a degree of media interest in Pippa in the build-up to the wedding, but it was nothing to the buzz generated on social networking sites during the wedding. It is certain that Pippa’s life will not be the same again.

Philippa Charlotte Middleton was born in Reading, Berkshire on 6th September 1983. She attended a number of prestigious boarding schools and finished her education at the University of Edinburgh, where she studied English literature.

Although Pippa has been linked to a number of rich and prominent men, apart from a brief fling with Josh Williams, she is not known to have had any ‘serious’ relationships to date.

Sharing a flat in Chelsea, London with her brother James, an invite to a party at the Middleton’s flat must be one of the hottest tickets in Britain right now.

Newswarped hopes that Pippa’s relationship with the media is a happy one and they don’t ‘turn’ on her just to make headlines.

It's ok to smile Pippa. You looked fantastic and you did a great job supporting Catherine.