September 23, 2019

Prince William does impromptu walkabout before wedding

If they loved the Prince before they will be gaga for him now after getting a personal visit.

Prince William has done a surprise walkabout to meet with the crowds gathering in The Mall near Buckingham Palace.

Prince William, who is spending the evening with the Prince of Wales, Duchess of Cornwall and Prince Harry, emerged from his London home Clarence House about 8.30pm.

Underlining his credentials as his own man, Prince William broke with tradition (and probably security) by moving among the people in The Mall to shake hans, chat and pose for photographs. “All I’ve got to do is get the lines right,” he joked.

With his wedding to Kate Middleton only hours away, William could have been expected to have other things on his mind, but instead gave some unbeatable memories to hundreds who were gathered near the palace. manyare camping out overnight.

In a message in their official wedding programme, Prince William and Kate Middleton thanked “everyone most sincerely for their kindness”.

In another message the couple said they have been “incredibly moved” by public reaction to their wedding.

In a world hungry for details of the wedding, it has been leaked that in Friday’s Westminster Abbey ceremony Catherine Middleton will vow to “love, comfort, honour and keep” Prince William but will not vow to obey him.

VisitBritain has predicted more than 600,000 people will be on the streets to watch Friday’s events and several hundred are already camping out in tents and sleeping bags outside the abbey and in The Mall.

Earlier on Thursday Miss Middleton took part in her last rehearsal at Westminster Abbey, with best man Prince Harry, the bridesmaids and pageboys.

Miss Middleton and her family are gathering at the Goring Hotel in Belgravia.

The Met Office says Friday will start off dry but cloudy in London. It will become brighter through the morning, with some sunny spells, but there is a 30% risk of showers about noon when Prince William and his bride are expected to emerge from Westminster Abbey after the wedding.

Forecasters also say there is a risk of heavy showers developing later on. Temperatures in the capital are expected to reach a high of 19C (66F) in the afternoon.

Kate Middleton arrives at the Goring Hotel on the eve of the wedding.