August 22, 2019

Ricky Nixon admits threatening to kill Kim Duthie

I did not have sexual relations with that woman! I only had inappropriate relations. There is a big difference. Anyway she is not a woman, she is a 'she devil'.

Banned high profile AFL player manager Ricky Nixon has admitted he did tell Kim Duthie that he would kill her and himself if their controversial relationship became public.

Kim Duthie is the girl at the centre of the St Kilda nude photos scandal. Somehow Ricky Nixon ended up in having what he called “inappropriate dealings” with Kim Duthie. Ricky has never told us what exactly he means by “inappropriate”, but we can assume that he is using the Bill Clinton scale of self-denial here.

A News Ltd newspaper has published that in the Seven Network, Sunday program tomorrow night, Ricky Nixon was asked if he had threatened to harm Kim Duthie and himself. Ricky replies “Yes, I did say that.”

“It was one minute after I’d left the Herald Sun building watching a video that I’d never seen before, in total shock and disbelief that somebody that I’d helped try get their life back on track would betray me in that way.”

“I don’t deny that words like that were said. I don’t think anyone in their right mind who was in shock – if you were in shock and you can’t believe what you’ve just seen, you would probably be saying something pretty similar.”

The is not really any easy way to defend Ricky on this one, but Kim Duthie is not exactly blameless. She set out to get revenge on Nixon, and certainly suceeded in that.

But when someone has their career, marraige and I guess their reputation all wandering out the door at the same time, then it is hardly surprising that the cause of that destruction might be under threat.

Duthie is fortunate that Ricky did not go over the edge and harm her. He only stood at the top and took a long look down.

Newswarped wonders if there is any bloke out there who has had a relationship with Kim Duthie and is happy about the way she has treated them? Happy to hear from you, because where I am standing she seems pure poison. I am happy to be proved wrong though.