April 24, 2019

Supermarket opens by itself in middle of night

I know it is theft, but some were not able to resist the shoppers nirvana of free groceries.

A security system computer error has caused a large Pak n Save supermarket in Hamilton, New Zealand to open for business with no staff on the premises.

The doors opened and the lights came on at around 1.00am on Good Friday morning. Needless to say there were quite a few opportunists who managed to take advantage of the situation.

Hamilton police sergeant, Guy Callahan, said police were alerted at 9.20am by a member of the public saying lots of people were leaving the shop with “truckloads of groceries”.

“She said people were coming out the store with shopping trolleys full of stock and yet there were no people manning the checkouts and no-one was even in the store.”

Mr Callahan said three police units were sent to investigate the situation.

“When we arrived there were cars leaving all over the place. There were some people in the shop at the checkouts legitimately purchasing items [using the self-service facilities] and others in the store.

“We couldn’t tell who had paid and who hadn’t and so our first priority was to close the supermarket and contact the owners.”

Newswarped suspects that an avalanche of text messages went off in many homes in the early hours, as those prepared to be dishonest rallied to what for them would probably be a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Supermarket owner Glenn Miller said he suspected the fault was linked to a command cancelling the normal opening time for the day. Usually the supermarket opens at 8am every day but the shop was meant to stay closed for Good Friday.

Mr Miller said the cost of the situation was still to be estimated but he was delighted that 12 people had used the self-service tills to pay for items.

For many people with no conscience this was indeed a ‘Good Friday’. Hopefully some of them will decide to return and pay something for what they took. But we are not holding out too much hope.

Just goes to show what a thin veneer of law and order that a supposedly normal society operates under.

Wonder if the Commerce Commission will prosecute the supermarket for trading on Good Friday?