July 18, 2019

Swedish couples honeymoon hits six natural disasters

The Perth Bushfires - disaster no.4 in Stefan and Erika's honeymoon tour.

Swedish couple Stefan and Erika Svanstrom with their baby daughter in tow, set off on their four month long honeymoon in 6th December 2010.

By the time the Stockholm family got to Munich, Germany they were stranded in one of Europes worst snowstorms in living memory.

After that, Stefan says, they managed to experience the massive flooding in Brisbane and the devastation of a cyclone in Cairns. Just to complete the Aussie trifecta, they ended up being close to the Perth bushfires in February 2011.

Just before they arrived in New Zealand, Christchurch was hit by a devastating 6.3-magnitude earthquake. Their final destination was Tokyo where they managed to experience the largest earthquake in Japan since records began.

Newswarped would like to congratulate Stefan and Erika on persevering with their ‘romantic’ disaster plagued honeymoon. There is no truth to the rumour that some countries might be banning the Svanstrom’s from entering in future due to their disaster attracting powers.

We are also thinking that their hoeymoon photos might be considered a little on the dark side.