March 21, 2019

The Justin Bieber show hits Australia

Justin Bieber onstage in Brisbane, concentrating hard to remember the lyrics.

The Justin Bieber show is ripping through Australia at the moment. Across the Tasman Sea here in New Zealand we can hear the faint sound of screaming teenage girls on the breeze.

Bieber performed in Brisbane on Tuesday and has now arrived in Sydney for a show at the ACER Arena tonight.

Justin might only be 17, but he is not too young it seems to have a bad back. He has indicated he picked up the injury while in Indonesia.

Newswarped is wondering if there is a simple medical explanation. If we consider the potential effect of Justin’s enormous fringe on his posture, there lies the answer. “Cut your hair Justin and take the strain off your back”.

Surely you can rely on the quality of your singing and the power of your lyrics to still drive the girls crazy. They don’t just turn up for your immaculate fringe do they? That would be shallow.