August 26, 2019

UK Govt rules out arming Libya rebels

William Hague listens to the Libyan rebels telling him they are being annihilated. Note the flash UK supplied telecommunications equipment.

British Foreign Secretary William Hague has ruled out the United Kingdom arming the opposition rebel forces fighting Colonel Gaddafi in Libya.

He is however willing to send them telecommunications equipment “given the urgent need on the ground”.

“We are prepared to supply nonlethal equipment which will help with the protection of civilian lives and the delivery of humanitarian aid,” he said.

Obviously William has not heard of the possible health risks of mobile phones which might take them out of the non-lethal category.

All this talk of telecommunications conjures up images of crates of mobile phones being supplied to the rebels along with a range of nifty accessories.

Meanwhile on the ground, the rebel forces continue to be out-gunned by Gaddafi’s forces. Khalid Moteridi, a businessman fighting with the rebels said “We were fighting with light weapons, but they [Gaddafi’s forces] had so much more.”

“Artillery, mortars, rocket-propelled grenades, anti-tank rockets, that’s how they were fighting back.”

At least the rebel forces will be able to call and text each other with Uncle Williams “non-lethal” telecommunications equipment to describe the kinds of weapons they are being pounded with.

The United States is yet to decide if they are going to arm the rebels. There is nothing quite like Western politicians procrastinating long enough in the hope that the problem will go away all by itself.

Obviously it takes time for the spin doctors to get the focus groups going in order to devise an electorate freindly solution.

Newswarped wonders what the US will end up sending the rebels? Sleeping bags and woolly hats maybe? All officially certified “non-lethal”.