August 19, 2019

Vera Svechina breaches Google headquarters security

Vera has not explained just what it is that Google made her do, but it can't have been too serious if the cops are not interested.

Vera Svechina, a US based Russian woman has evaded security and walked straight into the inner offices at Google’s Silicon Valley headquarters last month.

The self-described filmmaker and former stripper left behind a book in Russian and an angry letter for Google co-founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page.

Google contacted police four days later, after reviewing security camera footage with Wired Smart and finding that Svechina had breached the inner offices of the world’s largest internet company by walking in behind a visually impaired employee.

Just what Google is doing with a visually impaired employee on security is weird in itself.

Svechina claims that Google is “inside her head and making her do things”. This is a refreshing change from God or the devil making people do things.

Mountain View Police spokeswoman Liz Wylie said Svechina’s letter
“It didn’t make any sense. They were the ramblings of somebody with some kind of condition.”

Police do not know the current whereabouts of Svechina, 37, who was last known to be living in San Francisco. She is also alleged to have stalked the creator of FarmVille, Mark Pincus, who has taken out a restraining order against her.

Not that the police are hunting her down or anything, because as Liz Wylie explains “just because she is a little bit angry” at Brin and Page in the letter, that did not constitute a criminal threat.

Svenchina is already known to the Mountain View Police though, because she went to see them in May 2010 to file a complaint against Google, claiming that the company “was inside her head and telling her to do things.”

“At that point we evaluated her, determined that she was a threat to herself and took her on 5150 hold for psychiatric evaluation, because we felt she was potentially capable of hurting herself,” Wylie said.

Svechina was taken to a hospital but has since been released.

On her blog, Svechina describes herself as a filmmaker who was born in Obninsk, Russia, studied at Moscow State University and worked in a Geisha club in Japan. Newswarped is assuming that all this happened before her free will was taken over by Google.