May 19, 2019

Worlds tallest ‘mile high’ tower approved

Not quite sure why with so much spare land that Saudi Arabia feels the need to build a 1.6km tower. Oh yeah I forgot - ego.

A plan to construct the worlds tallest building has been given the green light in Saudi Arabia. The 1.6km ‘mile-high’ Kingdom Tower is to be built at Obhur, on the Red Sea coast, near Jeddah, Western Saudi Arabia.

When finished the $28.5 billion tower will be almost double the height of the current tallest building – the 828-metre Burj Khalifa in Dubai.

Both the Kingdom Tower and the Burj Khalifa were designed by American architect, Adrian Smith.

Members of the Saudi Royal Family unveiled the proposals this week. The tower will include hotels, offices apartments and a shopping centre. Its floor area will be 3.53 million square metres. An elevator ride to the top will take around 12 minutes without stops. Imagine some little shit pushing all the elevator buttons on that one.

The project stipulates the construction of an 23.05 square kilometre city around the Kingdom Tower that can accommodate 80,000 residents and about one million visitors.