July 19, 2019

13 year old raped to ‘cure’ lesbianism

Nobody deserves to be raped - ever.

A 13-year-old girl from Pretoria has become the latest victim of ”corrective rape” as the trend of violent attacks on lesbians in South Africa shows no signs of letting up.

The latest victim was said to have been open about her sexuality and was raped on Thursday in Pretoria, presumably as an act of ”corrective rape” – so called, when men rape a woman to try to ”fix” her homosexual orientation.

Dipika Nath, a researcher with Human Rights Watch, said ”The vicious nature of the assault is a potent reminder that these attacks are premeditated, planned and often committed with impunity.”

The human rights group has urged the government to take stronger action against such acts and protect gays and lesbians. ”If the police and other state officials do not act swiftly, it will only be a matter of time before they have to account for their failure to the family and friends of the next lesbian who is beaten and killed,” she said.

Last month Noxolo Nogwaza, a well-known activist, was found murdered after an attack that appeared to have been motivated by her being a lesbian.

Government justice spokesman, Tlali Tlali said ”The government condemns this senseless and cowardly act of criminality.”

”Gay and lesbian rights are human and constitutional rights which must be protected and respected at all times,” he said, promising a police investigation and assistance to the girl and her family.

South Africa has progressive laws to suport minorities including gays and lesbians. However, some sections of society are not preparred to back down in their beliefs and persist in using violence against gays and lesbians, for no other reason than their sexual orientation.