September 23, 2019

27 people decapitated in Guatemala massacre

A Guatemalan soldier near the mexican border. He still has his head. We think his large gun might help maintain his bodily intact status.

The decapitated bodies of 25 men and two women have been found at a ranch in Peten Province near Guatemala’s border with Mexico.

The chief of police said the killings were probably linked to a battle between rival drug gangs fighting for control of the area.

Northern Guatemala is an important transit point for drugs smuggled from South America to the United States.

Police spokesman Donald Gonzalez said “This is the worst massacre we have seen in modern times.”

Army spokesman Colonel Ron Urizar said dozens of soldiers had been sent to the Mexican border to prevent any suspects from fleeing the country. Newswarped is not sure how successful this will be. It is not like they are going to be wandering around blood-soaked with a machete.

Officials said the victims appeared to have been ambushed by gunmen.

They are investigating whether the deaths were related to the Zetas drug gang, which has been expanding its operations into Guatemala from Mexico.

There are also suspicions the massacre was linked to the killing of Haroldo Waldemar Leon in the same area on Saturday.

He was the brother of alleged drugs trafficker Juan Jose “Juancho” Leon, who was shot dead by the Zetas in 2008.

Guatemalan law enforcement officials say the gang has increasingly moved its operations south since Mexican President Felipe Calderon stepped up his country’s fight against the drugs trade by using the army against them.

Newswarped is not a big fan of the death penalty, but we are not entirely against a no-prisoners apporach when dealing with violent, murdering scum like drug gangs.

All they contribute to the world is death and misery. We hope that the governments of Guatemala and Mexico do not waver in their campaign to shut down drug trafficers.

The United States gets a lot of bad press for interferring in overseas affairs, but there is no way the governments in Central America can stand up to the drug lords without the help of the USA.