August 22, 2019

75 bodies recovered from Air France wreckage

The recovery operation of flight 447 has created so many 'firsts' it is hard to keep count. There is obviously a fantastic team behind the amazing technology.

Brazil’s state news agency says seventy-five bodies have been recovered from wreckage of Air France flight 447 that crashed into the Atlantic Ocean two years ago.

Agencia Brasil reported that Nelson Faria Marinho, the president of the Brazilian victims’ association, was notified of the recovery by the French air accident investigation agency.

The recovery more than doubles the number of remains that have been found from the crash, the agency reported.

The Air France Airbus A380 airliner crashed on 1st June 2009, en route from Rio de Janeiro to Paris, killing all 228 people.

The black box flight recorders also recovered from the wreckage deep in the Atlantic ocean have revealed that the speed readings in the Airbus cockpit had gone haywire. This is believed to have been caused by icing on the speed sensors outside the jet.

The pilots fought to gain control of the jet as it plunged from 38,000 feet. The jet rolled left to right, its wings unable to ‘grab’ enough air to keep flying despite the engines going full throttle.