September 23, 2019

Arrests made in Emily Longley investigation

Regardless of the cause of death Emily's death is a serious tragedy.

British police investigating the suspicious death of Kiwi teen, Emily Longley have arrested her on-off boyfriend Elliot Turner 19, and another 17 year old male.

Emily spent time with the two youths, the day before she died, but their arrest is said to not be directly related to her death. Emily’s body was discovered on Saturday morning at Elliot Turners house in Bournemouth, southern England.

Her death appears at face value to be natural causes, but given her age and good health, the police are conducting a thorough investigation.

There are indications from the investigation that Emily Longley may have taken drugs, but nothing is conclusive until the results of the toxicology tests are received back by police. It may take several weeks before a cause of death is known.

Longley had complained on Facebook about a man who kept calling her and “knew everything about her”. However, police said Longley had not contacted them about the person.

Her death came just two days after she wrote about a “stalker”, had been receiving calls from a private number, and was “really scared”.

Longley’s friends in New Zealand have said she “fell in with the wrong crowd” and was involved with drugs while in New Zealand. Her parents encouraged her to enrol at a British sixth-form college in the hope it would be a fresh start.

Her parents Mark and Caroline and her 15-year-old sister Hannah have flown to England.

Regardless of the circumstances of Emily’s death, it is important to keep an open mind and not jump to conclusions until all the facts are revealed.

Emily’s death is a terrible tragedy and something that no parent should have to experience. But all to often they do, leaving grieving family and friends devastated.

Hopefully the UK police will get to the bottom of the mystery and bring a closure to it so that family and friends can grieve properly for Emily without all the rumours and conjecture floating around.

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