June 19, 2019

Assad advisor says soldiers ordered not to fire on protesters

Assad's advisor says the soldiers have been ordered to keep their fingers off their triggers for this Fridays protests. We hope she is right.

Buthaina Shabaan an adviser to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has promised opposition leaders that government forces will not fire on protests planned for Friday throughout Syria.

Louay al-Husein has told the BBC that he and other opposition leaders had been in talks with Ms Buthaina Shabaan to negotiate an end to the crisis.

While these talks have been going on, reports from around Syria say that tanks and soldiers are already gathering in some cities.

Thousands of people may have been detained in Syria since protests began in March. Mr Assad’s government insists it is pursuing “armed terrorist gangs,” but there is little evidence that the protesters are armed with anything but their voices of dissent.

Mr Husein, said Ms Shabaan had told the opposition that security forces had been given strict orders not to fire on crowds on Friday.

Ms Shabaan also said talks to end the crisis would continue next week, Mr Husein added.

Newswarped hopes this is true. But we have a right to be sceptical with nothing the Syrian government has done in the last two weeks having any hint of peace in it.