May 22, 2019

Bin Laden lived in compound for five years

The Bin Ladens home sweet home for five years. Until the Seals decided to try out dry land.

Pakistani military officials has said that a wife of Osama Bin Laden captured after the US raid has said that Bin Laden had been living at the Abbotabad compound for five years.

Three of Bin Laden’s wives are being held by the authorities. They also have 13 children (two girls and thirteen boys), although it is unclear at this stage how many of them are Bin Laden’s.

The identity of the three wives has not been revealed, but one of them is understood to be Yemeni.

The Yemeni wife told investigators she had not come out of that one room for five years and that her husband lived in the compound for the same period.

She told officials she was shot during the raid and fell unconscious, and that at that point, Bin Laden had been alive. She said her daughter told her she had witnessed her father being shot.

The Pakistani intelligence apparatus will be working overtime to glean whatever information they can from the witnesses left behind by the Americans.

Their reputation has taken a bit of a hit, and with Bin Laden now dead, the veil of protection obviously given to him by some in the establishment is no longer a factor.