June 25, 2019

Branson unveils Virgin Australia re-brand

Virgin Australia - Different brand, same owner.

Richard Branson has flown into Sydney today in a re-branded plane to unveil his new Virgin Australia airline.

Virgin Australia replaced the 10 yer old Virgin Blue brand as well as swallowing long-haul carriers, V Australia and Pacific Blue.

Branson is hoping that the new branding and consolidation will lead to a greater slice of the corporate travel market.

In terms of looks, Virgin Australia has ditched the bright red paint and gone for what can only be described as ‘virginal white’.

The tail has the airline logo with a red backdrop. So it is essentially Virgin America with a different spelling.

Sir Richard said the Virgin Australia brand represented a new chapter for the airline: ”I’m absolutely thrilled with the new look and feel of Virgin Australia’s domestic product and I know it will shake up the Australian travel market on a larger scale than it did 10 years ago.”

Virgin Blue sent out a profit warning a month ago that its losses were in the second half of the year were expected to blow out to as much as $150 million.

Branson will be hoping a lick of paint will be enough to turn things around. Virgin Blue was undercut by Jetstar and Tiger Airways and seen as inferior to ‘full service’ airline, Qantas.

Taking aim at Australia’s biggest airline Qantas is a big corporate risk, bt then Sir Richard did not get rich putting his pennies in a savings account.