July 19, 2019

Brave teen waitress uses karate to beat off two attackers

A young lady should not have to fight her way out of trouble on her way home from work.

An 18 year-old woman from Wellington, New Zealand is being hailed by police for her bravery after turning the tables on two men who tried to drag her into a car.

The waitress was walking home from a nightshift along Taranaki Street at 6.15am when she passed a man, who grabbed her and started dragging her towards a car. Detective Sergeant Shane Dye said “Luckily the victim has several years of karate experience and was able to fight the offender off, however, a second man attempted to grab her handbag over her shoulder. She managed to punch him before she fell to the ground.”

“This was a very scary attack and has left the victim extremely shaken, leaving her with a knee injury.”

The first attacker is described as fair-skinned of solid build, around 173cm, and about 30 years old. He was wearing a green hooded sweatshirt and dark blue baggy jeans.

The second offender was very tall and thinner than the first offender with darker coloured skin, aged around 35 years with a thick black moustache and beard, with shoulder-length straight black hair. He was wearing dark-coloured woollen gloves.

Newswarped loves it when scumbag criminals get a nasty surprise when young lady dishes out the punishment to them instead. We hope the thugs are caught, subjected to the full force of the law and publicly humiliaited for getting beaten up by a girl.