May 21, 2019

Canada imposes sanctions on Syria

John Baird gets to play Deputy Headmaster over Syria.

Canada is imposing sanctions against members of the Syrian regime in response to the continuing brutal crackdown on protesters in Syria.

Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird said the sanctions will take effect immediately and include a travel ban on President Bashar al-Assad and others associated with his regime as well as an asset freeze.

“The sanctions we are putting in place will target the current Syrian regime and are not intended to punish the Syrian people,” he said. “The Syrian people have clearly expressed a desire for a more transparent system of government and their call for a more democratic society has been heard.”

Canada has also announced an immediate ban on exports of certain goods and technologies, including arms, munitions, military, nuclear and strategic items intended for use by Syrian armed forces, police, government agencies or other security personnel, Baird said.

Bilateral co-operation agreements and initiatives between Canada and Syria will also be suspended, while people living in Canada as well as citizens living abroad will be barred from dealing in property belonging to listed individuals.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper said “Canada is gravely concerned at the excessive use of force by the Syrian regime against its own people, which has reportedly resulted in the deaths of hundreds of civilians and the detention of thousands more.”

“The sanctions being announced today are a repudiation of Syria’s blatant violation of its international human rights obligations that threaten the security of the entire Middle East.”

These sorts of actions are more symbolic than substantial but it is good to see Canada taking her time and having her own voice on foreign policy.


  1. josee larocque says:

    Your awfully condescending to Canada….I also read your article about Stephen Harper’s surprise visit in Afghanistan… what’s your problem with Canada…

    • Hi Josee, thanks for commenting. I appreciate the feedback. I love Canada. I think it is a fantastic country. I do however have a small bias against politicians – especially tory politicians. I am sorry that this has come across as anti-Canadian. That is not my intention at all. I have taken what you have said on board and will try not to give the wrong impression in future. I like to put some Canadian stories on the website because I think it gets a raw deal from the world’s media who just focus on the USA and seem to leave Canada out.