August 23, 2019

Chelsy Davy and Prince Harry – engagement speculation mounts

Chelsy Davy - is an African about to join the royal family?

In the afterglow of Prince William and Catherine Middleton’s wedding, speculation is mounting about another possible royal engagement between Prince Harry and Chelsy Davy.

Harry and Chelsy’s relationship has followed a similar path to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. A long term relationship that ended because they thought it had “run its course” only for them to get back together.

Chelsy Davy’s prominent attendance at last weeks royal wedding has served to reignite interest in a possible royal engagement in the Summer.

The 25 year-old, Bulawayo born beauty grew up on her parents farm in Zimbabwe where her father ran a multi-million dollar safari business.

After schooling in Zimbabwe and England, Chelsy left home to study law in South Africa, but with ambitions to be a model. She met Prince Harry in 2004 in Capetown and romance blossomed.

After travelling extensively and further law study in England, Davy started working for London law firm Allen & Overy earlier this year.

There is nothing like a wedding between a glamorous young couple to kindle the flame of romance in others.

Harry and Chelsy would not want to steal any of the limelight from William and Catherine in the lead-up to their wedding. But now, with all that in the recent past, there is a real possibility that another royal engagement might be on the cards in the next few months.

London’s Telegraph newspaper has already reported that Prince Harry told Chelsy at the royal wedding party at Buckingham Palace last Friday – “You’re next”.

Chelsy reportedly “giggled and kissed Prince Harry” in response to the remark.

The only spanner in the works for Chelsy and Harry is her desire to remain independent. The rigid lifestyle of a member of the royal family was one of the main reasons Chelsy backed out of the relationship in 2009.

She has brains and a career. It is hard to imagine her giving up her freedom to become a photo opportunity poster girl for the royal family.

The last free-spirited young lady to join the royal family was Sarah Ferguson and her downfall has been well documented.

Chelsy Davy will not want to end up a tabloid joke like Harry’s aunt did.

Still love conquers all as they say. ‘They’ have a lot to answer for.


  1. gleemcman says

    she was cute for a split second when very young – now she looked too ugly & too old for harry. she doesn’t look like a princess any more – she looked more like an ugly old queen – more camila’s than kate’s age group


  3. John Riley Goldsmith says

    If Chelsy has concerns about independence and paparazzi wait till she starts her law practice. It is amazing what clients get into and how you can be suddenly thrust into the limelight. If Chelsy marries Prince Harry she should put the promise to obey her husband back in the wedding vow and then tell the press that she is a lawyer who knows exactly what the word means. If a client, senior partner or judge wants her to work until 3 am when her Prince is in town she can bid them a fond farewell with the words “I’m sure you don’t want to provoke a Constitutional crisis”.

    • Great comments John. Thanks for taking the time to share them. Obviously you have some inside experience of the demands of the law profession. Chelsy might find the demands of being a royals are a lot less than being a lawyer then.