June 19, 2019

China tightens internet censorship

Comrade Wang say - we want our people to see what we want our people to see.

The government in China has set up a new state body to control information on the internet.

The State Internet Information Office will take over responsibility from a number of other government agencies. China Information Minister Wang Chen will be in charge.

The office will enable the Chinese government to keep a tighter grip on the online content available to Chinese internet-users within China.

China already operates the “great firewall of China” which makes the blocking of websites the government deems ‘sensitive’ its specialty.

Previously there was a lot of in-fighting between the various agencies policing the internet in China, over how best to control it and what to ban.

The Communist Party in China is happy to embrace the propaganda potential of the internet, but is fearful of the outside influences it brings to the people.