August 22, 2019

Clive James battling Leukaemia

He has spent a lifetime making people laugh and think at the same time. All the best Clive. Time to be a little Aussie battler.

Famous Australian writer and television host Clive James has revealed that he is suffering from Leukaemia.

In true James fashion he dosen’t do things by half measures. He is also suffering from kidney failure and lung disease.

The 71-year-old has been fighting the diseases’ for 15 months now.

“In January 2010, in Cambridge, I got hauled in for kidney failure,” James wrote to Luke Slattery, the editor of The Australian Literary Review.

“I was immediately diagnosed for everything else as well, including several lung diseases and a version of leukaemia that is supposed to develop slowly but in my case couldn’t wait to get started, mainly in my lungs.”

But James, loved for his wit and style, had not lost his sense of humour.

Making light of the limitations his illnesses placed on him, he wrote: “The really irksome drawback about being so short of oxygen is that I’m not allowed to fly. I hope that can be fixed, so that I can get to Australia.

“I still have hopes of being invited to the Sydney Writers’ Festival one day but I realise I am hampered by my fascist background as a teenage member of the notorious First Kogarah Company of the Boys Brigade.”

James once famously quipped that people should “Stop worrying – nobody gets out of this world alive.”

He added that he had to slow down on his current book project- the latest of which is a second volume of a collection of essays, Cultural Amnesia – but he still wanted to publish a poetry book in a few years “if I am still around”.

While many news media outlets have gone into semi-obituary mode about James’ career, newswarped prefers to wish him all the best and hope that his talent is on show for years to come.