June 27, 2019

Denmark bans Marmite

Soon will secret Marmite dens be springing up all over Denmark? - maybe not

Denmark has banned the savoury yeast spread Marmite, saying its added vitamins and minerals break European Union food safety laws.

The Danish authorities must give their permission for products with such additives to be sold.

In recent years they have banned several well-known items – including the chocolate malt drink Ovaltine and some breakfast cereals.

The food police have already ordered a shop selling Marmite in Copenhagen to remove the jars from display.

Marmite has been around a lot longer than the EU. To the best of newswarped’s knowledge, no one has been killed or seriously harmed from eating Marmite. So what is the harm in selling it?

There might be the odd child who is happy about the ban because they have over enthusiastic parents who assume the kids will eat what they like to eat.

Marmite is not everyones cup of tea but for the devoted followers it is an iconic institution. We have not heard the last of this. There is already talk of civil disobedience by angry Marmite munchers.

Perhaps the EU might like to consider the potentially dangerous situation that may unfold when Marmite addicts are deprived of their daily fix. Newswarped thonks that is a greater risk to society than the Marmite itself.