September 17, 2019

Elliot Turner posts photos from the night Emily Longley died

Elliot Turner and Emily Longley on the night she died.

Elliot Turner the British man arrested after the death of New Zealand teen, Emily Longley has not made a public statement but he has now posted photos of her on Facebook taken on the night she died.

Emily Longley, 17, known to friends as Barbie, died at Turners house in Bournemouth, southwest England, two weeks ago.

Turner, 19, and another man were arrested – then released – but have not been charged. It is assumed they are under suspicion of drug offences.

Police are awaiting toxicology results but a drug overdose is believed to be responsible for the Aucklander’s death. Friends say Longley was a frequent ecstasy user and underage drinker.

Inquiry head Inspector Neil Devoto said detectives were making progress. “We have spoken to a number of Emily’s friends and acquaintances who have helped piece together Emily’s movements up until late evening on Friday 6 May.”

Turner’s friends have been queueing up to defend him on Facebook. It is always good to have friends eh Elliot? Especially when you come across as a bit of a sleazy scum-bag because of details released in the media.


  1. Tunner has alway taken drugs since I have known him… He loved the party life, and different girl, different week. Poor girl

  2. Emily was a seasoned drug taker. She would have died of an overdose. she was sent back to england to dry out and start a new life. but she choose to live her old life over in e

    • Yes you are right Stu. I guess at that age we think we can do want we want and we are going to live forever. It is a sad waste of a young life.