August 23, 2019

Far-right group plans “anti-Asian” rally

Kyle Chapman - a small goatee, but a whole lot of hate.

A far-right group based in Christchurch, New Zealand is planning a “massive anti-Asian rally” in Aucklands, Queen St after holding a recruiting drive in NZ’s biggest city.

The group calls itself The Right Wing Resistance and has been handing out flyers in areas with a high Asian population, mostly in east Auckland suburbs like Howick, Pakuranga, and Botany Downs.

The Right Wing Resistance claims an “Asian invasion” is taking place in New Zealand.

The groups leader Kyle Chapman, is a former National Front leader. He says the publicity drive in Auckland was to recruit “like-minded Kiwis” to organise the rally, which the group plans to stage before the New Zealand general election on November 26.

He said the Resistance was against mass Asian immigration, because Asian migrants “stole jobs” and “destroyed white New Zealand culture and heritage”.

“The tactic we’re taking at the moment is the anti-communist tag, and too many Chinese are coming in with communist affiliation,” he said.

“We don’t want to be taken over by communists.”

Mr Chapman said he was sick of the problems he alleged were caused by Asian immigration “being swept under the carpet all the time”.

So there we have it. The Right Wing Resistance is not against asians’ as such, just lots of them all at once who have Communist sympathies.

Newswarped thinks the amount of Asian immigrants to New Zealand who fall into this category are about as many as there are Right Wing Resistance members – bugger all.