April 19, 2019

Aussie Government says latest asylum seekers to be sent to “foreign” country

The fact these people are labeled asylum seekers is a joke in itself. They are just poor people wanting a better life.

The Labor government is adament that the latest boatload of 32 asylum seekers, intercepted north of Broome on Saturday will be sent to another country for processing. The refugees are believed to be from Afghanistan and Pakistan.

After a week of criticism from opposition politicians and human rights groups about the viability of the new people-swap deal with Malaysia, Immigration Minister Chris Bowen is still determined that the asylum seekers will be taken to Christmas Island pending removal to another – as yet un-named – country.

The move by the government only a week after signalling a change in policy is the first test of their resolve to find a workable solution for the boat people problem. ”My message to people smugglers and to asylum seekers is very clear,” Mr Bowen told reporters in Sydney.

”We will not be accepting and processing people for asylum claims who arrive in Australia by boat.”

Mr Bowen said it was too early to say where the latest arrivals would be transferred after basic biometric and health tests.

”It’s well known we’ve been in discussions with Papua New Guinea.

”It’s well known we are in discussions across the region.” In fact the Aussie government has been in discussions with anyone who will answer the phone about taking refugees off their hands. So far there has not been much interest. Funny that – when we are trying to market a deal to someone it always pays to have something they vaguely might need. However you dress up asylum seekers they are not the most appealing group of strays to take in.

Mr Bowen said the group would remain at Christmas Island ”for as long as it takes to have them processed and transferred to a third country”.

Opposition immigration spokesman Scott Morrison said the arrival showed people smugglers had not been put off by Labor spin on a people-swap deal with Malaysia. Fair go though Scotty boy, it is highly likely the boat load was already underway when the announcement was made. It is not like the asylum seekers are big on listening to Australian politcians anyway.