September 23, 2019

Hotel maid says nothing consensual about Strauss-Kahn ‘sex’

Dominique Strauss-Kahn will be modelling the latest "Rikers" range from Armani in court on Friday. Complete with interesting choices of bracelets and anklets.

The maid at the Sofitel hotel in New York who accuses IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn of sexual assault will testify against him, despite suggestions from Strauss-Kahn’s defence team that “there may well have been consent.”

Her lawyer Jeff Shapiro says she will “reject any notion that she willingly had sex in a New York hotel”. Shapiro added, “there is nothing consensual about what took place in that hotel room.”

“I think that when the jury hears her testimony and sees her in person, and finally she can come public with this and tell her story, I think that (they will find) their claims of consensual sex or encounters are not true.”

The 32-year-old woman, alleges Strauss-Kahn groped and mauled her in his suite in the Sofitel hotel in New York, and forcibly tried to have oral sex with her.

The maid is “scared, incredulous” and “doesn’t know what her future will bring,” Shapiro said, but “she was still willing to help build a case”.

“She feels she can’t go home. She feels she’s been excised from her life,” he said, adding she was now being held “in a safe place” with her 15-year-old daughter.

One of the world’s most powerful men, Strauss-Kahn the head of the IMF and leading French Presidential candidate, has denied seven counts of alleged sexual assault and attempted rape, as well as unlawful imprisonment.

He was refused bail on Monday and is on remand in New York City’s Rikers Island jail where he is on suicide watch prior to his court hearing this Friday.

A grand jury will rule whether there is enough evidence to indict him to stand trial. In true US prison style Strauss-Kahn will be handcuffed and shackled to and from the courthouse. They seem to enjoy humiliating people regardless of how famous they are.

This is a huge comedown for Strauss-Kahn who is used to first class travel and a luxury lifestyle. He is being held in a 13 foot x 11 foot cell that is located in an area normally reserved for inmates with contagious diseases.

Prosecutors say they have physical evidence, including a doctor’s examination, taken immediately after the incident which indicates attempted rape.