August 22, 2019

Iceland volcano ash heading for Europe

Every year an Icelandic volcano tries to do its best nuclear blast impression. An excellent effort from Grimsvotn.

The eruption of Grimsvotn volcano in Iceland has forced the closure of the airspace over Iceland and the ash is heading toward Europe.

“There are no international flights in or out of Iceland at this time,” Keflavik International Airport spokeswoman Hjordis Gudmunsdottir said.
Just in case you didn’t belive me.

Eurocontrol – Europe’s air traffic control association, says that there is “no impact on European or transatlantic flights” after the Grimsvotn volcano’s eruption at this stage.

Ash from the Grimsvotn eruption is expected to reach Scotland on Tuesday and France and Spain by Thursday.

Another summer another Icelandic volcano, at least Grimsvotn is more pronouncable than last years tongue twister – Eyjafjallajokull, which disrupted European airspace for weeks.

The Iceland Meteorological Office says the Grimsvotn volcano under the Vatnajokull glacier erupted on Saturday. The last eruption of the volcano was in 2004.

The initial indications are that the Grimsvotn eruption is not on the same scale as Eyjafjallajokull. But then volcanoes do get a kick out of being unpredictable.

It also doesn’t help that a report was released las week syaing the ash from last years eruption was dangerous and authorities were right to close the airspace.